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Design Trends for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Interested in the latest design trends for your home and office? Below, Amy Fain of Creative Spaces Co. shares her insight into what’s trending now.

With growing optimism that the last year and a half is in our rearview mirrors, the fall seems to be a season of transformation back to the lives we love. Design trends are following suit. This fall we will be seeing an array of organic vibes mixed with other textured materials to add a complexity to the design space. After getting super connected with our home space over the last year, clients want to continue to acquire comfortable luxury in their homes. Soft tones and neutrals are returning, which seem to facilitate a sense of retreat. Using muted colors organic in nature in these spaces will intrigue those who enter them. You may also see a pop of greens trending this fall. Greens are known to foster creativity and productivity, both essential to regaining our lives as we knew them.

And finally, functional furniture will continue to be a hotspot as so many have redefined their work lives and spend more time at home. Smart furniture and home use continue to be a focus for design, but others are focusing on outdoor space as an extension to their existing home environment. In these outdoor as well as indoor spaces, trends will be to connect with nature. This can be with the use of plants or organic material and use of layers to provide warmth on hardscape spaces. Enjoy what’s to come in the design world this fall.

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