As the holidays quickly approach …


You may find yourself wanting to celebrate extra this year after last year’s abnormal holiday season. Well, there is no better time than the present to jump into action on decorating! As supplies are still limited due to covid delays, this holiday season it will be important to act fast. When you see that special decoration that would make your home complete, grab it!
Ever wonder how to make your tree shine even more???


When I was young my uncle was in the Christmas decertations business. I would visit his showroom in the Dallas World Trade Center and be in awe of how he was able to get so much sparkle in his trees and decorating.


There are two tricks and I am about to share them with you…

When assembling your tree you want to add even more lights. Whether your tree is pre lit or not, ADD MORE LIGHTS! You can wrap the stem with additional lights. This will make the shine start in the middle of the tree.

The second trick is to add reflective ornament balls close to the stem of the tree. My kids have learned through the years that we start by putting the shiny balls on the inside of the tree close to the stem and they will reflect the light outward. Of course these are not the fun ornaments to hang but they serve a purpose.

Whether it is an original Christopher Radko or the $5 six pack of ornaments sold at Hobby Lobby, shiny ornaments always make your tree shine even more!


Feel free to reach out for decorating assistance. I am able to come in and work with what you have or happy to go shopping for new additions to your holiday decorations!
Happy decorating.